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Exclusive Vertical Jump Hacks from Jordan Kilganon

Looking to increase your vertical? Want to be able to dunk for the first time, or can you already dunk but want to add to your repertoire? Get free vertical jump tips from world-class dunker Jordan Kilganon by entering your email below 👇

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“I didn’t know what to expect, but the results were amazing! I gained 4 inches on my vertical in 3 months. I starting doing the between-the-legs dunk and I was dunking over people. Then finally in the summer of 2016 I put down the free throw line dunk which erupted into a viral video which was featured on ESPN, Fox News and CBS Sports. This was an experience that I’ll never forget in my life, and I really have to attribute it to Bounce Kit.”

Pat Dickert, Viral Dunker

add inches to your vertical jump in 12 weeks

The BounceKit program is a 12 week comprehensive program that gives you access to workouts, program updates and a community of members. More importantly, this program gives you exclusive access to Jordan Kilganon who will work with you throughout the program.

Who is Jordan Kilganon?

For Jordan Kilganon, dunking is more than just a play that happens in basketball. It’s a sport in itself — and a career, and a lifestyle.

The native of Sudbury, Ontario, didn’t come up with dreams of playing professionally. There wasn’t a basketball player whom he deeply admired. And he wasn’t even a huge fan of the NBA. Kilganon just had a passion for jumping as high as possible to creatively slam the ball. At 15 years old, he practiced on eight-foot rims, then worked his way up to nine feet. Now, he’s doing it at regulation size — and at a top-notch level.

The best part is the guarantee

We believe so strongly that Bounce Kit will give you the gains you want, that the Bounce Kit vertical jump program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Not happy? Ask for a refund.

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