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Jordan Kilganon Bio

Jordan Kilganon (born April 2, 1992) is a professional dunker born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, and is the founder of Jump Master. Being obsessed with dunking from an early age, Kilganon has quickly earned a reputation as the best dunker in the world, garnering hundreds of millions of views across the internet for his dunking prowess and inventing hundreds of dunks.

Jordan Kilganon Height

A lot of people wonder about Jordan Kilganon’s height and exactly how tall he is to be throwing down these insane dunks. Well, officially and on the record, we can declare that he is 6’1″, which is approximately 185cm.

Jordan Kilganon Vertical

There are lots of rumours swirling the internet on Jordan Kilganon’s vertical jump, and we can reveal the the mysterious Jordan Kilganon vertical is 50 inches.

Are you looking to increase your vertical? Check out Jordan’s vertical jump training program, Jump Master.

Jordan Kilganon’s Early Years

Named after Michael Jordan, Kilganon grew up in awe of the in-air dunking artistry of MJ.

Jordan’s dad, Richard Kilganon, introduced Jordan to the sport of basketball when he was around 5. Rick set up low basketball rims inside the house so Jordan could easily shoot and dunk.

Between the ages of 14 and 15, Jordan started dunking on 8-9ft rims every single day for 3-4 hours. And when when he saw that dunking was starting to become its own sport, Jordan began to take it a lot more seriously.

What started off as a fun hobby, quickly turned into an intense obsession.

Jordan Kilganon spent years doing research on how to jump higher, while trying different training programs.

With his father Rick Kilganon being a well known and respected personal trainer, Jordan learned advanced training principles early. Jordan Kilganon continued to train hard every day hoping that he could someday do the dunks he saw others doing online.

At 16, standing at 6ft tall Jordan finally got his first dunk on a 10 foot rim. All of his hard work had started paying off.

However, he knew that if he kept training, it was only the beginning.

Posting his dunk videos on Youtube, he became part of the online ‘dunking community’. Never missing a day of training, he improved at a very consistent rate.

His progression was rapid; he went from barely dunking on 10ft at 16 years old, to being considered amongst the elite dunkers of the world at age 21.

Jordan Kilganon and Hoopmixtape

Jordan Kilganon finally got his shot at 22 years old when Nils Wagner, the owner of Hoopmixtape flew him out to LA to create some dunk videos. What was meant to be 2 weeks, turned into 6 months.

Over time he started creating new dunks like the ‘Scorpion‘ and the ‘Lost and Found‘, quickly gaining traction online and being recognized as one of the best in the world.

Dunk Contests

Jordan arrived to a point in his career where he was widely considered the best in the world. However, most professional dunkers thought he wasn’t capable of winning a dunk contest and labeled him just a ‘Youtube dunker’.

The label was true to name in the beginning, as he lost contest after contest despite having completed the better dunks. Jordan quickly realized dunking contests were more than execution, it was entertainment.

Jordan learned from other pro dunkers as he began to get the crowd and judges involved as though it were a performance. This led Jordan to go on a massive winning streak where it seemed as though he could not lose.

Jordan Kilganon Working with the NBA

At age 23, Jordan Kilganon was given a huge opportunity to do a dunk during the NBA All Star Game. He had one shot to make his signature no-look scorpion dunk in jeans.

The dunk clip captured crazy reactions from the likes of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Reggie Miller and Chris Webber. Jordan was trending on Twitter as “the guy in jeans”. The video went viral and racked up over 200 million views.

Impressing the NBA enough, Jordan Kilganon was then hired to perform at NBA House during the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

He pretended to be a participant from the crowd then performed his best dunks, earning some crazy reactions from NBA legend Gary Payton. The video from this show grew to be the most viewed video of the entire Olympics.

It has 120 million views (500 million total on all platforms) beating the previous NBA video record of 29 million.

Jordan Kilganon is now universally known as the best dunker in the world, and one of the best of all time.

Despite having gained that status, still continues to work harder than ever, and there is no place he would rather be than his gym in Sudbury, creating new dunks and pushing the boundaries to bring the sport of dunking to new heights.

Jordan Kilganon Dunks

Jordan Kilganon is responsible for inventing over 120 dunk in all the years he has been dunking, including The Scorpion and Lost & Found.

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